Universal Truths as tools to carry you through a difficult time(Working Out, Cloudy Day, Personal Issue)

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Sometimes, I’ll find myself in a trance of believing doubtful thought.

Whether it’s while sitting at my desk, doing daily operations, or running through the park, I’ll have negative thoughts that seem incessantly persistent with every given moment. Though, there are Truths that I know to be true during these specific scenarios. These Truths are the cure to that devil on the shoulder telling me to quit.

Cloudy days sometimes put me into a sort of static trance like state that creates an aura of gloominess or wishes for something above-average exciting. Working out also creates an immense short-term pain for my body. Also when an unexpected sad event comes about, its hard to see past the initial pain of the current situation. I’ve found a helpful vehicle for carrying me into a different train of thought that propels me into another frame of mind. That vehicle is something that will be referred to as Universal Truth. When in these negative states, these Universal Truth’s catalyze emotional self-inspiration.

  • Issue – Universal Truth
  • Cloudy Day – Sun is always behind those clouds shining down
  • Daily Operations – Showing up is the best thing you can do for yourself
  • Working Out – Arnold Schwarzenegger would tell me to do another rep
  • Running – David Goggins would go another mile
  • Creativity – Believe in the creative muse, and she’ll come.

Just for a few examples of what I use on myself.

There are a few things to help Universal Truths become beliefs in life.

This is the way I would begin to implement the idea of Universal Truths, if I was starting form scratch.

  1.    Believing in the Power of Belief
    1. Joe Dispenza has been studying the power of belief and
      “has educated thousands of people, detailing how they can rewire their brains and recondition their bodies to make lasting changes. “
    2. Power of Placebo Effect has been shown over and over again to change people, purely by positive thinking. https://www.health.harvard.edu/mental-health/the-power-of-the-placebo-effect
  2. Implementing the specific Truth to yourself
    1. These Truths can be meditation, mantra, new habits, phrases of words, disciplines
    2. Where and when can you use a Truth?
    3. What Truth can you use?
      1. The Truth will work best when you have an emotional response to the Truth
  3. Calulcating Results
    1. Does the Truth work?
      1. Yes, good deal, you got yourself a truth
      2. No, find a new Truth. Retest #2(Does the Truth Work)
    2. You’ll begin to see changes in your life.
      1. New conversations, relationships, perspective. Even if minimal changes. Remember that change is a step, which is great!

Much Love Ya’ll. I write these because its a nice reminder for myself to remember. Sometimes the best learner is the teacher, which I don’t think about myself as, but I know the more I practice at doing these the better I’ll get having these areas down pat.