Translating your Successful process to achieving a new Challenge

The idea, that music was a mysterious art, to me was a terrifying aspect of music’s mystic nature. Also being that it is, in fact, an art, I thought it would be insurmountable difficult to achieve a measurable result from playing a cryptic form of emotional language.

So, the issue in the beginning was measuring progress and achieving a measurable goal. A small goal like getting my pinky finger to an extra fret over with good sounding result.

One thing that helps with identifying processes where in which to get better at the art of 1.practicing and 2.noticing the wanted results was this.

Understanding that achieving a goal in another subject can directly translate to achieving a goal in the new subject, AND being your own coach in doing that.

For instance, if you were proud of playing baseball in college and how your batting average was the best on the team. That fact is, you had a really good process for how you got hits. That same process for how you got so may hits can directly translate for instance, to music. You can be in the batting cage for more hours hitting off a practice tee to get your bat eye coordination on point. This can translate to try and stretching your pinky to that fret while squaring your wrist to the neck of the guitar so that when you want your pinky to stretch to there when it counts, it will.

Fantastic. This has been an idea on my mind recently and i thought I’d share.