How to Refine and Enhance your Morning Routine

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Problem: Keeping my head right every morning.

Story: Many mornings I wake up and think negative thoughts like, “You’re not doing anything productive. You aren’t doing anything to help anyone. No one is going to enjoy your company.” I consciously know that none of these thoughts are going to help me, so I have a couple actions that I try and complete every morning to keep my head working in my advantage. Training my subconscious to tell me things like, “Dude think about where you were at a year ago, look how far you’ve come. Whoa man, you are in an absolutely beautiful place and there’s no place that is better than this place, now. You have so many people that love you and care for you. You are so blessed that you are able to go out and explore as much as you want and see the things you want to see at all times.”  So there are a couple of practices that I utilize to get me from the first set of thoughts to the second set of thoughts.


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Its also very important that you utilize a set of practices because they work for you, and not because someone says that these will work and will always work.

I will always have a morning routine from now on, and I believe having a morning routine is the important part of my day in en-training my mind to work with me, and not against me for the REST of the day.

Also, I’m definitely not a master in this, but I would say people like Tim Ferriss’s morning routine is really good. Also Aubrey Marcus’s morning routine is nice.

For me, I have gone from living in a home and taking a set of procedures every morning that work for me:

    1. Drink Water, Get in the Sun, Also do some quick exercises, (like a set of squats and jumping jacks)
      1. This gets my mind in the waking up mode (Aubrey Marcus “Own The Day” and Circadian Rhythm Functioning)
    2. Cold Shower (7 minute Warm, 3 minute Cold) coupled with Wim Hof Breathing practices to “keep a fire within my heart so the water isn’t cold”
    3. Meditate for 10 minutes(5 minute Mindfulness, and 5 minute for whatever I’m feeling needs work that morning)
    4. Deep Breathing and Stretching at the same time. (Activating my parasympathetic, so I can relax into the day vs. starting the day off stressed.)
    5. Spiritual Practice (Reading a bible verse and journal out what it means to me.)

This is my morning routine for the road:

  1. Getting into the sun, drinking some water, exercising
  2. Meditate for 20 minutes on Mindfulness and softening my palms and feet
    1. This allows me to get out of my head, and its shown the most effective meditation for me.
  3. Spiritual Practice(For me Reading bible verses and writing out what the verse means to me)
    1. Important for me because I like to practice gratitude and thankfulness every morning.
    2. Also a good guy informed me that he utilizes listening to Upbeat music and uses a spiritual practice.  Since I learned this from him, it has been a huge help in my life.

I definitely am not a master in this and its a constant practice to try and get these routines done.  Since I feel a bit different everyday, I do different routines to mix well with that.


I try to get 3 of the following practices done, but I know that the more I do the better I feel. Listed are the practices that deem most effective to least effective, for me, that I have learned from high level individuals.  I would also suggest try all them all and see which ones you l

  1. Spiritual Practice(Praying and bible verse devotional)
  2. Meditate(any amount of time is good) Currently enjoying Relaxation and visualization meditations.(Mainly because I’m in my head a lot)
  3. Exercising(Any Amount if time. Early in the day is best)
  4. Deep Breathing Stretches
  5. Getting my Face in the Sun
  6. A glass of water
  7. Cold Water Immersion (7 minute warm shower, followed by 3 minutes cold shower)
  8. Journaling my thoughts
  9. Gratitude Journaling(Listing 3 things that I’m grateful for).