Story about Finding the Power behind Meditation and how to harness it yourself

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It took my 2 years to utilize the functional power of meditation. It took me to 2 years to realize that I could use my meditation practice throughout the day, wherever I was.In, Wherever You Go There You Are , John Kabat-Zinn talks about this concept of meditating all day quite frequently, and at the time I read this book, I was arrogant enough to believe this was a subconscious action that was automatically summoned.

In the beginning I was using meditation as a sort of pill. I would use it in the morning and afternoon expecting the practices would help me all day without me being conscious of it. I understand now that the point of meditation is that it is more or less a consistent practice. I heard Will Smith say once that he meditates in the morning so that one day when he can’t, he will still have those practices in his mental toolkit to come through for him during the day. I agree with this, mainly because when you learn a new type of meditation, helping you with whatever you want it to help you with, you must stay consistent with the practice, otherwise, you lose the technique and when gametime comes, you can’t harness it. Recently I have been utilizing deep breathing techniques to tap into relaxation then harnessing the practice.(Its much easier to tap into the practice when you are relaxed than it is when you aren’t.)

The HOW to harness your meditation

This is my step by step process for coming back into the present and releasing myself from discursive and imaginative thinking with no benefit.

  1. Awareness of being pulled from the present
  2. Observing the emotion
  3. Utilizing deep breathing techniques to relax into the moment
  4. Realize the present moment energy and going with your flow