How to Counteract Loneliness(Especially on the road)

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This post is about how to spark up conversation to random people counteract loneliness, and its formatted in a Problem, Story, and solution format. This format seems relevant, enough 😉


I wake up most mornings with thoughts like, I wish I had somewhere I belonged and could talk to someone, but its kind of hard to find, at least immediately.  Waking up by myself in the car is a bit difficult, but after a 20 minute meditation and a little music I feel a bit better, but still not all the way good.


I find myself quite lonely on the road sometimes and it seems like, the only way I can solve this issue is to return home. I know that this issue is mainly in my head and that I just need some company, but sometimes returning home seems like the only option.

I’m currently in Seattle Washington and I slept in my car last night right outside of Gas Works Park. I was in the Gas Works parking lot earlier in the night , and tried to sleep from 9 to 11, but woke up a few times to people walking around, loudly yelling, playing music, slamming doors so I decided to move spots. I then moved to this spot right outside the park. I went to sleep relatively quick, I’m used to sleeping in the car by now.(It took my body about half a week to adjust to the air mattress that’s supposed to be used for camping) I woke up, immediately drove to the park, and meditated in my car. (I am revisiting a new meditation where I’m practicing getting out of my head and into my body.  Its a meditation that was wildly beneficial earlier in my meditation career and I’m thinking about narrowing down my meditation practices that I use continuously to the ones that make me feel the best.)

Next,I drove to a Mcdonald’s and got a coffee and sat down. Now, I am motivated enough to talk about the experience of loneliness and counteract it.


  1. Calling someone that I am very close to and talking about my feelings
  2. Talking to anyone that looks like they are in a good mood. This is out of the comfort zone, but these are honestly the most interesting conversations to have.Usually you can just start with a comment, and then a question. Then wait for a response and go with your gut from there whether or not the conversation is going to be good.  If you are genuinely curious then that person will see that and want to talk.
    1. Drive thru Window people
    2. People that are in the park that look like they are doing something cool
      1. Met a man named Jesus who owns a company and got in touch with him about possibly building a website for him after talking about his parachute and how it works
      2. Met a girl named Cassidy that was into nutrition and football, and we talked in Gas Works park for about 1 hour
    3. People in stores that look like they are in a good mood
      1. Cash register people and or people around me.

So essentially, the point is, you can talk to anyone, anywhere. Everyone is looking for a bit of company and good conversation. Everyone is also super self-conscious so your not only the one thinking that you’re weird. Haha

Cool, hope this helps anyone that’s trying to get over loneliness or just looking for a good conversation with someone.  I find that the best way to get over loneliness is talk to someone.  Just talk to someone.  A simple, “Good day to you” works.


Thank you,